Voice Reservation Services
Unless you are a large hotel chain, setting up a voice handling system is not always feasible. However, if you do not offer Voice Reservations as a booking option, you will lose out on those guests who prefer the ‘telephone’ as their booking medium.

Now you can cater to those guests who prefer to reach you through the telephone for reservations without having to allocate precious resources to set up a voice handling system. ResAvenue offers its partner hotels convenient and cost effective voice reservation services.

ResAvenue has a state-of-the-art call centre that will deliver high quality service to telephonic reservations from guests from around the globe at a low cost. Additionally, with ResAvenue’s `Private Label' Voice Reservation Service you can give your guests a customized branded experience during the tele booking.

Private Label Hotel Call Center Services
Simulate an in-house call centre without the cost of infrastructure. ResAvenue’s professionally trained staff ensures that your guests receive an authentic hotel branded booking experience.

The 'Right Response' to Your Hotel's Voice Reservations Needs
ResAvenue offers versatile and flexible services with a minute call waiting duration. With ResAvenue’s Voice Reservation Services, you get a professionally managed hotel reservations Call Center capable of responding to your changing needs.

One Connection, Multiple Players
The ResAvenue solution seamlessly integrates with your corporate website and gives you a single window access that enables you to manage all of your reservation sales channels simultaneously. This includes Voice Reservation Service. The ResAvenue call center executives work with the same hotel information and rate database, provide a consistent and easily manageable sales message and eliminate the probability of errors.

Talk your guests' talk
The ResAvenue call center is located in Mumbai, the call centre capital of the world. The executives at the call center staff undergo a high standard of training including training to speak in multiple global accents in order to give your international customer a high degree of comfort. To take this one-step further, we also have multi-lingual agents as a part of the team.

Call Center Services
ResAvenue offers the following call center services:
  • Private label hotel reservation voice services.
  • Overflow and after-hours call handling i.e. you can forward your telephone calls to ResAvenue agents when you are over run with calls.
  • ResAvenue call routing systems provide comprehensive reporting and tracking of both reservation and non-reservation calls.
  • ResAvenue's 24X7 Call Center is managed and staffed by professional hotel reservation agents.
  • Access these services through an international toll free no.
  • ResAvenue Call Agents are trained to maximize reservations call conversions and rates.

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