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The Indian outbound travel opportunity is burgeoning with 4 crore Indians with high disposable incomes indulging in leisure travel. It is growing fast and most of it is online. No doubt, as an hotelier, it is essential for you to adopt an aggressive online marketing strategy to grab your share of customers for your hotel, but there are huge challenges. You must make large investments for visibility & brand building. You have to wade through the complex world of SEO, PPC marketing and then monitor and wait patiently for results. Most hoteliers are reluctant to play the waiting game. They want results now.

Here is an answer to your dilemma. A new cost effective marketing channel that will proactively bring in quality customer leads for you to convert. The channel sends in leads based on your packages and deals and operates as a pay per lead model. So you get instant results and it is simple to manage.

ResAvenue has partnered with Komli Media India Pvt. Ltd to bring you, India’s first-of-its-kind online & interactive travel referral service. Tripraja provides you quality customer leads that are perfectly matched to your hotel’s marketing plans. Tripraja aims to help you increase your ARR by acquiring a customer base that is measured not just by quantity but by quality as well. By registering with Tripraja, you will get a partner who filters traveler’s requests through qualified and experienced travel specialists to bring together hotels and travelers in a perfect match. This way you get leads that are easy to convert. In short:
  • You get DIRECT access to customers looking for hotel room options
  • You have all the stay-related DETAILS of customers delivered to you before you can contact them
  • You DECIDE what profile of customers you wish to attract for your Hotel Property
  • You pay ONLY for the above delivered customers leads and NOTHING ELSE!
Here are some of the benefits of signing up with Tripraja:

Attract & Acquire New Customers
After registering yourself as a Travel Specialist on Tripraja, you can acquire and attract new interested customer’s cost effectively.

Increase Direct Bookings
Tripraja verifies the authenticity of the customer and only then provides you with key details of the customers intended travel plans and contact details. This process ensures that you do not waste time pursuing uninterested customers. It also enables you to directly influence their decision and increase your share of direct bookings.

Target Marketing
Tripraja delivers the customers travel details to you before you can contact them. This will give you the liberty to pick and choose what profile of customers you wish to attract for your Hotel Property.

Customizable Campaigns
Create your own lead campaigns by choosing a customer profile and the lead price. You also have complete flexibility to change these attributes as per your requirements.

Performance Based Module
There is no sign up cost (Free), you pay only for performance. So, it is important to showcase your best offers to attract customers.

The ‘YOUDO’ Experience:
To provide Hoteliers with convenience and flexibility to decide what profile of customers they would like to attract, Tripraja has created their propriety self-serve platform called YouDo:
  • An online self-serve platform that allows all kinds of travel specialists like Hoteliers to register easily.
  • Hoteliers can create their own lead campaigns by choosing their desired customer profile and the lead price with complete flexibility to change these attributes at their own free will.
  • The platform also enables online pre-payment for leads and provides relevant reports to measure performance of campaigns / products.

Free Registration (Limited Period Offer)
ResAvenue has tied-up with Tripraja for an extremely special and exclusive offer. All Hotel properties using the ResAvenue solution can register for free on The registration and training fee of Rs 2000/- will be waived off for the first 100 Hotel properties availing this offer.

Getting Started
  • Log onto and register to become a Travel Specialist.
  • Create a campaign by selecting:
    • 1 - Your product category as Hotels.
      2 - The kind of customers you want and from which locations.
      3 - The price you want to pay for getting the above customer leads.
  • Decide the amount you want to top-up your account with and.
  • START receiving leads in your Tripraja Account (leads can also be received by email and SMS)
Tripraja is a value for money proposition that will help you generate quality leads, as you pay only for performance. To avail of this excellent service, Click Here.

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